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I founded Self and System in 2019 after 10 years of working as a coach and trainer with business leaders and team-members.

I love coaching individuals and continue to work successfully with them – I help them improve their skillsets in communication, influencing, emotional intelligence and other interpersonal aspects of leadership. It is brilliant to see them flourish as team members, leaders, and as people.


I noticed that when these people go back into their businesses, families and communities, their flourishing is sometimes inhibited by the ‘relational system’ they are part of.  The system has a sort of status quo that is hard to change by just one person.

I realised: if we want to create change at work or at home, both self AND system need to grow. 

In 2017, I spent 2 years training in Organisation and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC) and I now focus on systemic coaching – for individual leaders, and for teams and relationships. I am accredited by the International Coaching Federation as an Associate Certified Coach. I uphold the ICF code of ethics in all my coaching work. 

For 95% of people the word ‘system’ sounds like a machine. We are talking about something simpler. Life. Which by its nature is systemic. Interdependent, interconnected, continually unfolding, continually in a state of flux.

Peter Senge

I draw on my background, my personal and professional experience, my training and interests when coaching you, your team or your relationship:

  • My rigorous and practical accredited coaching training gives me the skill and methodology to work with you and / or your relational system.
  • My 12 years of learning and development expertise in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors means I can quickly spot and normalise communication patterns in individuals and teams
  • My integrative psychotherapy foundation training gives me a grounding in psychological theory and relational dynamics.
  • My facilitation skills have deepened over many years in training rooms and I know how to create warm, positive, dynamic sessions that invite full engagement and participation
  • My original training as an actress at a top London drama school – LAMDA– helps me deeply empathise with each perspective and be more attuned to non-verbal patterns and clues
  • My practical communications skills experience (including training in NLP, MBTI and Non-Violent Communication)  gives me many pragmatic tools and techniques to offer, that you can put to use straight away.

About Me

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I would recommend Jess to others – she is a wonderful warm individual who I think has a talent at bringing out the best in people.

Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

Take a look at the LEADERS, TEAMS page or COUPLES page for how all this works in practice and what you might get out of systemic coaching